THRIVE: Branding for Creatives 6-Week Online Series with Co-Hosts Molly Hatch and Desha Peacock Starting OCTOBER 15th, 2019



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: Branding for Creatives, anyone can join! 

A six-week interview series designed to help develop your brand and grow your biz!

Co-hosted by Desha Peacock of Sweet Spot Style and artist-designer Molly Hatch.

In today's complex marketplace, creatives have many jobs. In addition to honing our skills as makers and designers we have to learn to be our own marketers, sales-people, web-designers, social media masters and so much more. THRIVE is an affordable six-week series of interviews with successful artists, agents, book editors, and others who have mastered the art of making money doing the creative work they love.

This series is designed to help you develop your brand, build the skills you need to expand your creative business, learn the best tricks of the trade from industry experts and think beyond traditional methods of reaching your market.

This six-week series covers a wide range of topics to help you develop an audience and define your brand. Topics include:

  1. Monetizing Your Audience
  2. Defining Your Brand on Social Media
  3. Selling Online + Branding Your Website
  4. Art that Sells: Licensing 101
  5. Landing Your First Book Deal
  6. Collaborating with Brand Partners


  • Do you feel ready to scale your business but aren’t sure what steps to take?
  • Do you have a great product or service but need help with branding yourself/your business?
  • Are you interested in licensing but don’t know where to start?
  • Have you ever wanted to collaborate with a big company like Anthropologie? Publish a book? Sell more of your work?
  • Have you ever wished you could just sit down with an expert in your industry and learn from someone who has cracked the code?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place. Join us for THRIVE!


 Your co-hosts Molly Hatch (left) and Desha Peacock (right)

By the end of the six weeks, you will have learned the importance of branding, how to clarify your brand identity, and ways to scale your creative business by expanding your marketplace.  


On Tuesday of each week we will send you a link to a video interview with a new guest covering a specific topic. You can stream the video interview or download it as an MP3 to listen to as audio only.  Each week has a themed conversation around a topic that will help you think through and navigate ways to market your brand, sell your service or product, find new audiences through social media, learn how to collaborate with larger companies and get yourself published. Each Thursday Molly and Desha will post a video discussion unpacking and discussing what that week’s interview covered.

As a member of the series, you will be encouraged to discuss the videos and the topics that they cover each week with the group of participants in the series online.You will be able to  connect with other members of the series and have a community discussion about the topics that come up for you each week. Desha and Molly will be monitoring the group discussions and chime in too! Some of the most exciting learning happens in these discussion threads!


Early bird registration: $129 (ends September 30th)

Regular Registration: $149

Registration Cost After October 15th, 2019 (series start date):  $169



August 28th: Registration opens

September 30th: Early Bird Registration Ends

October 15th: Course begins!

November 19th: Last week of the Course

January 7th, 2020: Course access closes 

Questions?  Contact us at



Week 1            Monetizing Your Audience

VIDEO: Desha talks to lifestyle blogger + social media guru Joanna Hawley of Jojotastic about growing and monetizing your following

Learn about this week's guest Joanna Hawley of Jojotastic

BONUS: Top Ten Ways to Grow + Monetize your Audience

Week 2              Defining Your Brand on Social Media

VIDEO: Desha talks to Amira Rahim about Defining Your Brand on Social Media

Learn about this week's guest artist Amira Rahim

BONUS: Ten Tips to Grow Your Following on Instagram

BONUS: Top Ten Ways to Define Your Brand on Social Media

Week 3            Selling Online + Branding Your Website

VIDEO:  Molly Talks with Shopify Expert Arianne Foulks of Aeolidia about Branding Your Website

Learn about this week's guest Shopify Expert Arianne Foulks of Aeolidia

BONUS: Getting to Know Your Ideal Customer

BONUS: Top Ten Ways to Grow Your Newsletter

Week 4              Art that Sells: Licensing 101

VIDEO: Molly talks with Licensing Agent Jennifer Nelson 

Learn about this week's guest agent Jennifer Nelson

BONUS: Top Ten Ways to License Your Art

Week 5             Landing Your First Book Deal

VIDEO: Desha talks with Kate Woodrow, Founder of Present Perfect Dept. about how to Land Your First Book Deal

Learn about this week's guest editor and agent Kate Woodrow of Present Perfect Dept.

BONUS: Top Ten Ways to Land Your First Book Deal

BONUS VIDEO: Publishing A Children's Book with Illustrator Sarah Jane

Week 6             Collaborating with Brand Partners

VIDEO: Molly talks with artist designer Jennifer Orkin Lewis aka August Wren

Learn about this week's guest artist designer Jennifer Orkin Lewis aka August Wren

BONUS: Top Ten Ways to Become a Partner with Dream Companies

BONUS VIDEO: Molly talks with Julie Gwin head of Artist Collaborations at Anthropologie

BONUS: What Companies are looking for in a Brand Partner


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