How to Set the Table Instant Download



Printable Instant Download

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  • Beautifully illustrated printable Anatomy of a Place Setting by Molly Hatch
  • Print at home and cut and assemble
  • Print file as many times as you like
  • Laminate and keep at the table for easy reference and to teach kids (and adults too!) how to set the table
  • For personal use only; not for resale 


Have you ever invited guests over and headed to set the table only to realize you don't really know how to set the table properly? Well, this little printable card can act like your table setting cheat sheet! The illustrated place setting provides the anatomy of a full formal table setting, but you can follow the guidelines however informal or formal your table setting is. Maybe you don't need two forks for a family dinner, but you can learn which side the napkin goes on or how to place the knife and spoon and so on.

When you purchase this item, it will be delivered instantly via email for you to print at home. Print these PDFs out as many times as you like. 

Make the table a little extra special with a proper place setting!