Guiding Principles

Sustainability and Ethical Production

At Molly Hatch, it’s all about making goods more ethically and more sustainably …

With my start as a studio potter, making each and every item by hand was my day to day business. Huge growth and demand for my designs over the past 12 years has led me to partnering with many companies all over the world to manufacture and distribute my designs. Retaining the integrity of my roots as a studio potter has always been a priority in seeking out partnerships. I work closely with all of my brand partners to more responsibly source and ethically produce my designs wherever possible. Recently, defining and sharing what ethical and sustainable production means for the Molly Hatch has become more and more important to the brand.

What’s the Future?

As an independent, woman-owned business, we have the power to keep making decisions that align with our mission and Guiding Principles. We will continue to offer great designs, and, over the coming months, you will start to see additional efforts being made towards our goals around sourcing and production transparency.

Guiding Principles

We Make Each Other Better

We know that the dignity of work can transform a person's economic trajectory, as well as that of their children and families and their self-esteem. We aim to employ factories that empower their workforce. We also support flexibility in the workplace—as parents we all understand the need for flexible work hours.

Open Minded

We are working together to find creative solutions and solve problems. We approach everything with an open mind! We work to ensure accountability of our mission and execution by maintaining close relationships with all brand production partners, this means lots of communication and good collaboration with everyone who does work for us and with us.

Quality over Quantity

We aim to order just what we need in an effort to avoid over-consumption. Sometimes this means we sell out! If a product doesn’t meet our quality standards we won’t put it out into the world or we will fix it! We aim to produce quality product across all categories and appreciate hearing your feedback when something slips through. 

Learning Curve

We are always learning! If we don’t know the answer, we seek help to figure it out. We are curious here at Molly Hatch and we ask lots of questions and aim to make the future better and are doing this through an open curious mind.


At the core of the brand, we see everything as a collaboration. We work with our partners to produce goods and expect that each factory is a safe work environment that adheres to local labor laws, wage standards and is free of abuse, discrimination and harassment.

Give Back

As a brand focused on producing tableware, it makes sense that ending hunger is a cause close to our heart. Since 2015, the Molly Hatch brand has donated over 100,000 meals to Feeding America through fundraising efforts supporting the effort to end hunger in America. When you buy our product you are supporting an effort to end hunger.